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Артикул 2830051CW00
Техническая информация The unit will automatically start working when water is flowing in the water line and turn off continue until the flow will stop; it is possible to control the suction (intake) operation by using the models with the On/Off system. Features: Mixes additive and water precisely The dosage can be adjusted easily and quickly Repair is simple and inexpensive Key internal parts are from the highest quality material available (hastelloy spring. Viton Rubber seal) The injection rate is set up manually by rotating the sleeve to the desired proportion.The amount of injected concentrate is proportional to the amount of water flowing into the MixRite pump
Диапазон применения Livestock The MixRite for livestock guarantees control over doses of treatments injected through drinking water, which is the ideal distribution method, from first day of the flock. In all kinds of livestock (poultry, pork, cattle, rabbits, etc.), the MixRite proportional dosing pump will enable you to dose treatments such as antibiotics, probiotics, enzymes, supplements (vitamins, minerals, etc.) into the water line. The proportionality of MixRite pumps guarantee the correct dose independently by pressure and water flow variations (animal consumption). Fertilizing - Control water quantities and added nutrients necessary for optimum growth of crops. Cleaning or disinfecting fluid lines - MixRite water powered proportional dosing pumps can be used for automatic preparation of disinfecting, lubricating and detergent solutions. Car washing - MixRite pumps are the perfect solution for car wash facilities of all types and sizes. Sanitizing water systems - MixRite injectors are used in market applications like hospitals, restaurants, food services, and supermarkets.